Sizzle’s (Southside of 808 Mafia) Stolen Laptop Drum Kit


Remember when Yung Cartel stole Sizzle’s laptop and was auctioning it off for $50,000?! Well, now you can buy the drum kit made from the laptop that has sounds used by Sizzle, TM88, Dj Spinz, Sonny Digital, and Zaytoven. The kit includes Tags, Kicks, 808s, Claps, FXs, Hats, Percs, Presets, Samples, Snares, and Soundfonts. The kit has rare sounds like the lex siz 808, TM SIZZ 808, Luger Slap Clap, Hit 1, LexLugerSnare and a bunch more!  This kit has the real sounds from Sizzle’s stolen laptop. This kit does not include any FLPs. FLPs will be sold separately.